26th May 2022


A peer to peer training, mentoring and support network has organically evolved from the connections and momentum generated by over 40 Sector39-led PDC’s. Mostly in UK, but increasingly this network is spreading to East Africa and is finding a life of its own there. 

We thank the Wales for Africa program and their work over time that has helped many links between our nation and those in East Africa.

The Academy really is the permaculture students, teachers and partners who have become connected through this process and as S39 we seek to support and orchestrate this process.

In 2018 a joint Wales/ Uganda team hosted the first East African permaculture convergence bringing together many of our past graduates, with teachers and designers from a least 9 other African nations, this was captured by Abundant Earth in the video above.

Sector39 are based in Wales and many of our students are here in UK or in East Africa. Over many years of teaching we have inadvertently built a huge network of permaculture practitioners and trainers. The Academy is our aspiration to build on that strategically to greatly accelerate the uptake of permaculture in Africa and of course across the world.


2018 PDC graduates in Adjumani district, Uganda

The academy serves to build and facilitate active links between course participants from different courses in different locations. Peer to peer mentoring, sharing of best practice, supporting development of key trainers as well as developing a network of demonstration and training sites.

First hand experience tells us that permaculture can take off like a wildfire in Africa. It is easy to communicate, there are almost no barriers to entry, and once people begin to experiment with its ideas, patterns and principles it sets them on a journey.

at bidibii refugee settlement


At a permaculture training session for 20, 200 turned up.

Students at Llanfyllin High School working on a permaculture project


S39 have many years of experience introducing permaculture to adults, schools and communities

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