Permaculture Academy
3rd July 2020

First works at Budumba

paul ogola permaculture teacher

Works were interrupted by the requirement to return how to Northern Kenya however works at Budumba managed to complete 9 of the planned 14 days making a strong start at the site. I asked him how they had been received by the neighbours.

For first they’re afraid to come and join me but me as the team leader I just think beyond the curtain and I started applying my knowledge focusing the permaculture principle one, and i ended up winning the villagers and they start coming joining us both the adult and children, so now they’re understanding the center and they promised me if I went back to Uganda they will call the leader for agriculture to come and meet me Lastly I clear a good ground for the project.

Paul Odiwour Ogola

Meanwhile, this was received to day from Mbale and out friends at Mount Elgon Coffee and Honey Co-operative, enjoining the yield from the keyhole bed constructed on an informal workshop led by Paul back in January. Not bad for 2 months growing!

Key hole bed Mbale