25th June 2022

Donation page

team s39 2018

I have added a donation page to the site and I wanted to say a few words about what we hope to achieve with this. We added a donate button for anyone who enjoys our free to download publication Small and Slow Solutions, and otherwise we have chosen to profile a few of our member’s individual initiatives.

Sector39 is a limited company, not a charity. We are an enterprise aspiring to make a living wage for our team members. We follow permaculture principles which begin with the notion of the reinvestment of surplus, we do not pay dividends or bonuses and return any surplus back into our work, immediately. Supporting us is a direct way to support permaculture education.

Our policy for donations is that we will promote and seek support for members of the academy who have a specific objective and target and are accountable back to us for how they use any funds received.

To maintain consistency we will feature no more than 6 member projects at at any time, tracking and sharing outcomes as best we can. Our campaign is launched today in support of one of S39’s most active graduates who has worked tirelessly to bring permaculture to some very remote and vulnerable communities in his native Uganda.

Aramadhan Mutebi reached out today asking for help motivating communities to respond to Covid19 with a positive energy.
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