S39 Academy of Permaculture
4th August 2021

Booking form

Contact us, bookings and enquries here.

Please use this form to secure your place on any of Sector39 up coming training events.

Your details will of course not be shared with anyone else and only kept on record whilst you are an active customer. Full recommended price is £250. Made up of a £75.00 deposit, and £100 course fee. We suggest a donation of £75.00 to support our African partner proejct, but if this is beyond your reach, than happy accept what y u can afford.

A £75.00 deposit to reserve your place and be ready to pay the £100 balance at the start of the course. On-line attendees from Africa may join us for free, but please do book in advance to secure your place

Suggested donation to global partners £75.00

    Booking form/ request more information for PDC@Treflach farm 2021

    Please pay here

    Or via Paypal to courses@sector39.co.uk

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