1st December 2023

Jane Amunga

Jane with international permaculture teacher Morag Gamble.


This is the project we are doing Steve and we want our each community member to have at least a kitchen garden and some chickens. They don’t have seeds so we are requesting for seeds. They are 30 people of which we shall use 2k for each member to buy seeds and buy some chicken. I request Steve you help us meet our target. We shall be very happy. Kind regards Jane.
I really want to thank you for the 12k you have sent. Waiting on you Steve.
I have already bought for 6 members seeds and chicks with the 12k you sent.
So they are remaining 24 members.

Jane is supporting 70 families in her community to start kitchen gardens and to allow homes to have chickens and seeds. We have been making small donations to her, firstly for hand sanitiser and soap etc and then to support the families. As we should know, permaculture runs on feedback so effective reporting and monitoring of projects is essential for them to be effective and to remain effective. Thanks to both Jane and Stella for their work on this project.

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  1. Jane is doing great work, but we need to follow up with evaluatoin to better understand progress and how we can best support her efforts. S39 team member Stella will be researching into this over coming days

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