26th May 2022

Kazora Enock

Short interview with Enock in 2020 about the Permaculture Academy
permaculture trainer Kazoa Enock

Permaculture leads us to our traditional way, of the society, the modern way looks nice, but is dangerous.

Kazoora Enock

Enock, himself an orphan has taken upon himself to support those in need around him. From his small plot of land he is supporting 25 children and facing increasing hardship with the Covid19 response.

He is a graduate of PDC UGANDA 2018 at Sabina School and has since remained very active in the S39 academy network. It is by investing in young pioneers like Enock that we hope to build a network of trainers and community leaders who can help us bring pemaculture and agro-ecology to a much broader and deeper audience.

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