6th July 2022

PDC day 6: Principle 5

Day 6: Principle 5 - Natural resources


Over the last decades we have built food and energy systems which are completely reliant on cheap external inputs, especially in the shape of petrochemical inputs. This has undermined our sense of value of the energy from the natural world and created food systems which are essentially ways of converting oil into food.

Principle 5 re-focuses our attention on the natural world, on valuing and utilising the inputs and outputs of natural systems.

The group visited Treflach Farm to explore how they are developing an integrated permaculture approach to farming.

  • This module contains

  • Slideshow download in PDF format
  • 1 audio file for download or streaming format. Each approx 25 mins.
  • 2 links to one essential video or video clip

Views and atmosphere at Treflach, special day, so wonderful to finally meet much of the group in person. Paul captured the farm tour and talks from Ian and Steve – will edit and post as time allows.

PDF Permaculture and energy lecture: from Climate change and peak oil to a new energy reality. Potentials and pitfalls. Supporting video to be posted.

Richard Heinberg briefly explains the law of limiting diminishing returns and looks at the implications for our energy supply.

Contemporary Africa music, big up your energy: Sampa the Great

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