6th July 2022

PDC day 0: Introduction

permaculture field, Kenya

Welcome to the S39 PDC resource area

S39 run PDC’s in all formats, we always find ways to make our courses fit opportunities when they present themselves, with COVID-19 there is an need to explore more distance learning possibilities. There is also an increasing need to support permaculture teacher and project development in the majority world, so it makes a lot of sense to explore how we can blend real learning experiences with the more online content, presentation and interactions.
We are still second guessing the regulations and advice for our July course, but it will definitely go ahead, in real time and be a steep learning curve but I think also it could be a lot of fun. We will  certainly be breaking new ground.

Permaculture is a journey of discovery, you will discover new ideas, new possibilities; it’s about building a partnership with both nature and community whilst investing in yourself, your own learning, whilst improving food security, soil quality and so much more.

Header Picture: From Homa Bay, Kenya: raised beds made from local and natural materials, maximising production through smart design.
PermoAfrica Center Kenya

Left Picture: On completing her PDC in 2018 at Bidibidi Refugee Settlement this pioneer convened her own local permaculture group and initiated local action. Permaculture creates new leaders and encourages innovation.

It is possible to interact with Sector39 mentors and tutors through the Academy, we want you to share your learning journey.

Lesson One: Climate Emergency

Please download the slide show onto your phone, or device, ready for the lesson.

When complete listen to the narrative which follows the slides. You may pause the talk at any point or go back to clarify any points or take a break.

Follow the slideshow and listen to Audio pt1 and 2 to accompany it.

Use the Small & Slow Solutions link at the top of the page to download the book which is the backbone of the courser. Explore the menus on that page you will see the supporting links.

Please Note we are trying different formats to present this content, this is an Introduction to permacutlure talk created in PowerPoint. 22 mins 500mb. This a more general talk that gives an overview of permaculture ideas , where they come from and examples of their applications.

(3 mins) Here is permaculture tutor, community leader and inspiration Aranadhan Mutebi, using permaculture to galvanize action within his community in Uganda, many who are feeling defeated by the virus. he has successfully raised £1000 using Gofundme and support from S39 to promote his campaign for handsanitisers and oterh ways to help commnuity respond to the Covid19 challenge.

The Overview Effect
I always like to show this video at the opening of a PDC, it really puts things in perspective, the notion that we are just one species sharing a single ecosystem becomes fully apparent when you view the earth from space. Pretty much essential watching.

Please share your thoughts on this in the chat room.


Climate change videos.

Short and simple:
Top physicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson explains climate change in 4 minutes

What people get wrong about climate change, in under 3 minutes this video clarifies a few key points

Going Deeper: 60 mins video
World Wildlife Fund, David Attenborough and Professor Johan Rokstrom go deeper in the history, science and maths of the challange before us.

Climate Voices

The next generation speaks out:

Severn Suzuki speaking for children at Rio in 1992

Greta Thunberg addressing the Climate Change conference 2018.

How do the words of these young people make you feel?

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