12th April 2024

PDC day 2: Principle 1

oberve and interact

Observe and interact

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

Permaculture principle 1 is about observation. We are not asking you to ‘believe’ anything, we are not trying to convince you of anything or sell you anything. 

The challenge is to use your own powers of observation, to draw on your own experience. You are invited to test ideas, try things out for yourself, and gain experience from experimentation. Remember I am writing this in the UK, so where you are things might be different, or they may have changed, it is good to keep an open and inquiring mind.

We are interested in the observations that are true for everyone such as: 

  • Water always flows downhill
  • Organic matter decays to compost
  • Plants grow towards the light
  • Everybody needs to eat
  • Sometimes, the most obvious things are hardest to see

This Module contains

  • 1 slide show as a download PDF.
  • 5 audio clips to accompany the slideshow
  • 1 short video link
  • Longer optional video
  • You may choose to either stream or download the audio files to your device.

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spaceship earth

Through continuous observation and creative thinking we can turn problems into solutions. When you are in an emergency, what is the first thing you must do? Observe, figure out what is going on, what resources you might have, what is your best course of action?

A longer cut of Spencer Kelly’s interview with film-maker Damon Gameau, whose film 2040 is a more positive take on how our world might look in 20 years’ time.

Toby Hemenway – How Permaculture Can Save Humanity and the Earth, but Not Civilisation

Toby Hemenway passed away sadly in 2016, same year as we lost Bill Mollison. He is author of ‘gaia’s garden’ which is the biggest selling permaculture book of its time. This is a wonderful and insightful presentation that takes an overview of permaculture and touches on some of its many components.

Lectures recorded from day 2 Treflach PDC 2020

We live in the world we create.