6th July 2022

PDC day 7: Principle 6

Waste not want not

PDC day 7 - principle 6

Waste is an opportunity

Look to the waste stream to see where your most available resources are. This school in Rwanda was failing to value the nutrients from their cow barn, here is the S39 team advising them on another strategy. We must learn to see the value in waste and even anticipate the residues in advance and develop a plan of how you are going to harvest that potential.

Wood gasification stove built from found materials. Highly efficient clean burn, producing heat for cooking and biochar for soil remediation.

Happy pigs @ Treflach

If Treflach pigs could speak
“I am very good at converting co-mingled residues into a high value food product.”

Final form: contemporary music from Zambia/ Botswana. Sampa the Great heralds a new generation of African music, Block Power!

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