3rd March 2024

S39 Permaculture forum, a weekly gathering


A forum for mutual support and learning

This is a weekly session for permaculture pioneers. S39 has been teaching PDCs since 2006, with more than 50 full design courses completed to date. We have been working with partners in East Africa since 2014. These sessions are designed to maintain connection and continuity whilst welcoming new learners to our forum.

Join the S39 permaculture forum

  • The forum is a weekly on-line support session for permaculture learners and practitioners everywhere.
  • Refugee groups, school and farmer groups especially welcome
  • We will meet every Tuesday on Zoom for a FREE 1-hour session
  • 2 pm GMT (London) time
  • 5 pm East Africa (Nairobi) time
  • https://us06web.zoom.us/j/84869147781?pwd=rjhcuvon3NVv5GOOtE6igtiiBIutMM.1
  • There will be 7 session initally – until March 19th, followed by a review.
  • This is a chance to learn, share challenges and network with like minded people

What is Sector39?

We are based in Wales and are currently developing a horticulture enterpise at Treflach farm, Shropshire, where we welcome trainees and visitors with regular practical sessions

S39 began in Reading UK in 2005, as a continuation from the RISC roof garden project at 39 London Street, a permaculture forest garden on the rooftop of a community building, with a focus on development education.

The aim is to bring together like-minded people from the permaculture community who hope to learn, share and mutually support each other. We have a longer-term aim to establish a Permaculture Foundation that can raise money to seed new projects and support learners and teachers in developing their careers in permaculture. This is still a far-off goal, but I hope that through the forum, we can bring together the people and knowledge to set this in motion.

Lorena stove by Okello Simon
Lorena stove by Okello Simon of TAPA, Uganda
I believe permaculture design to be the most powerful tool we have to affect postive change in the world
steven jones
Steven W Jones
Permaculture teacher and designer