15th August 2022

S39Academy of Permaculture 2022


The Sector39 team has been in action this month, visiting three of our training hubs and connecting with the fourth in the partnership that will form the S39Academy of permaculture.

  1. RWP: Rwandan Women’s Permaculture, Gisagara, Rwanda
  2. PermoAfrica: Homa Bay Kenya
  3. Eastern Uganda permaculture partnership
  4. Butambala/ Nateete Permaculture

This is the core of our peer to peer training network as we build to the formal launch later this year.

This post is awork in progress as i stitch together some words and pictures from the three week trip.

Snapshots of the rwandan PDC

RWP on local TV Rwanda

Really proud to see the work of the RWP team fautured on  local TV new and to see teh parid growth of interest in permaculture in the Gisagara region through the work of Rose and her team

This was part of 5-days intensive training as part of the Gisagara PDC in partnership with S39A.

This stove changes lives

20% of fuel used, or less and no smoke. this stove really does change lives. Feedback from the Eastern region is that the lorena stove has been embraced by 100’s of households in the region.

Deborah has made herself the queen of the lorena stove in her community in Teso district and here she is being invited to return to PermoAfrica to bring her skills to bare there.

Kumi training with Teso Sub-region members

Plans were changed as it was too difficult for our Ugandan team members to visit PermoAfrica in Kenya. SO instead we set up at Kumi hotel for three days, offering training and support as well as undertaking a series of site visits to the students from the Sept 2020 PDC. We were really impressed by the progress which has been made and very much inspired to find ways to do more.

Visit to Busia

Letitia from Busia is already using her permaculture knowledge to start gardens and inspire the people around her to do the same. She has a passion for prodicing food and now she has started she hopes to build a strong permacutlure network around her and her community

PermoAfrica, Homa bay Kenya

permoafrica meetig

Latest from PermoAfrica

Break time at PermoAfrica, glimpses of the centre and the atmosphere of the group.

A quieter moment to see the training centre. Often a bustole of life, with visitors and volunteers ducking in and out. PermoAfrica as the beating heart of an extended local network of permaculture practitioners and trainers. S39 are working with them to build a more coherant picture of how permaculture is progressing in these regions. It really is changing lives and not always in a small way, many members are starting to find significant benefits and new opportuntunities.

Visits to student gardens

Meet Laura, climate champion, Uganda

Laura – climate champion, Kampala 2022. 17m audio of Laura’s introduction to permaculture
Laura talking about her commitment to work for the climate and environment

Through our acdemy of permaculture we aim to connect with a support our future leaders on climate and environment. Laura has taken it upon herself to show leadership in this area and try help try and inspire other girls around her. It is really refreshing to hear her speak.

This interview was made with myself and Stella Amuge with Laura in Kampala March 2022. Laura wants to know about permaculture which is a new idea to her and has come to meet us to make an initial contact. Team member Stella will act as a mentor and we hope to introduce Laura to some local projects over the coming months.

After this meeting we resolved to offer laura a role within the academy on our web team, when she has time from her studies.

Support our permaculture pioneers

This is a simple and effective way for us to reach out and support the permaculture pioneers we are working with. Even a one-off donation will be used directly to buy seeds, tools and work ware as well as to provide more training opportunites for students and participants. Any help gratefully recieved.

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