6th July 2022

Feb ’20 UG/ RW visit

Notes, clips and feedback from the S39 Feb ’20 visit to work with our team and develop plans for this three year seed-funded project.

S39 Permaculture training academy is a network not a place.

Andrew Kalema above has developed a forest garden business in Nakaseke, propagating plants such as bamboo, various herbs, trees and more. He has also developed a high quality biochar making process which he is incorporating into his potting mixture. We met Andrew through our first PDC in Uganda in 2016 and have remained in touch ever since. This is typical of the relationships we are building on through the development of the academy and training and demonstration sites.

Summary conversation, Ali Tebandeke, Paul Ogola, Hellen Auyo and Zainab Nandi

Hear some of our stakeholders talk about the role of permaculture in their lives and how Sector39 has been able to contribute to their development.

Interview with Kazoora Enock
“the permaculture way leads us to our traditional way’
Clovis Ntafakabiri
“As a refugee from DRC I want to develop my ability and have move experience.”
“I am a student of permaculture design via Connect Africa. Coming the the East Africa Convergence with S39 was a chance to be connected to others trainers with past experience.”
Zainab Nandi
“I’m from Uganda, I did my PDC in Wales, it has inspired me to invest in a permaculture demonstration and training centre in Butaleja.”
Paul Odiwour Ogola, “I set up PermoAfrica Centre to bring permaculture to my community in Homa Bay.”
Discussing the academy with Clovis.

Talent Agroforestry Farm Bulemeezi

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