26th May 2022

PDC day 04: Systems and feedback

african village layout

Principle 4: Systems, limits and feedback

"The sins of the father are visited unto the 7th generation"​

This gentleman created this bottle garden in 1970, if i remember correctly it has since been watered only one time, in 1974. This closed ecosystem is able to recycle all the components it needs to keep growing.

He plans to leave it in his will to his grand son.


Lecture on agro-ecology from Coventry University

For a more academic analysis here is a fascinating lecture from Dr. Julia Wright. (23mins)

Subtle agro-ecology

I read here she is Associate Professor in the Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience at Coventry University and has worked for over 30 years on sustainable agriculture and food security applied research and development. She has specialism in building the capacity and resilience of vulnerable communities to natural and man-made disasters, and regeneration of the natural resource base.

She talks about agro-ecology, permaculture and traditional agricultural practices.  Placing our ideas of systems thinking in a much larger context.

Today's presentations

All on the theme of systems, limits and feedback, principle four is a real insight into the mechanism that dives natural forces, feedback. We learn that everything is connected to everything else, and that the microbial world is the principle mechanism by which plants access essential minerals from the soil.

In the afternoon today we worked on our Mandala garden and I will be posting those pictures soon.

We welcome Matthew Adams for his fantastic event presentation in part 3, from Growing Food For Nutrition

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