18th May 2022

SUII: Community Gardens Rwanda


Scottish Universities Insight Institute

The term ‘community garden’ is a loose one and has many different interpretations and manifestations around the world.

The SUII project had the intention in exploring this fascinating world with contributions from Mexico, Scotland, Nepal, Brazil among others and Sector39 were invited to create a short video and slideshow presentation to explore the three partner projects in East Africa, who have developed gardens in public spaces as a way to demonstrate and teach permaculture design.

We have partners in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda and this is the story of the work on one woman, who having studied with S39 in 2018 started her own local project and in the process she is creating a movement, Rwanda Women’s Permaculture.

Project leader Rose introduces

Suggest you turn on captions

The story from Rwanda is one of leadership and partnership, with permaculture pioneer Rose Nibagwire initiating a project within her community.

The intention of the S39Academy is to partner and support such developments and to track progress and share best practice. The aim is to share our experience and momentum to support development of  teachers and leaders in permaculture in East Africa.


The following is a 20 minute presentation of the Save school project and how this has led to the formation of RWP. Pictures are by Rose and her team assembled and narrated by Steve for SUII>.

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